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English Canada Tours

Niagara Falls - Toronto - Ottawa - Kingston -   - 1,000 Islands

We Often Forget How Close This Neighbor is ... Allow Us to Show You Our Neighbor to the North

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    No doubt the most famous Honeymoon Destination in North America - perhaps in the entire world, is Niagara Falls.   As a destination for tours, ALL of English Canada awaits us to enjoy it's charm and warmth.  Basically, this is the Canadian Province of Ontario just across Lake Ontario from New York State.  Canada's largest city of Toronto offers a vibrant night life, theatres that rival Broadway, historic tours, bucolic residential summer-home islands just offshore in Lake Ontario - and just over a one hour drive from Niagara Falls.  

     The capital of Canada, Ottawa, offers international cosmopolitan charm with Parliament buildings, river cruises, and non-stop culture that befits a capital city in the former British Empire.   More laid-back is Kingston, a regional provincial capital near the beginning of the St. Lawrence River.  Warm and welcoming, it is the Gateway to The 1,000 Islands, a picturesque stretch of Islands located right in the middle of the St. Lawrence, accessible from either Canada or New York State.  Simply lovely.  

     And there is no other place as charming and romantic and laid back as the historic Rideau River and Canal, opened in 1825 by the British to provide an alternative route to the Atlantic Ocean, should the Americans attack.  It never happened and the Rideau Canal with its numerous locks and villages - frozen in time.  

     All of this - culture, history, Niagara, river and lake cruises - all await you to join the friendly folks in English Canada.  We offer 5 separate tours of the area, including 2 Tours that combine English and French Canada.


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